Running Impulse to life

Helenia Tedesco

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Running Impulse to life

Hi there,

here my latest painting “Running” an abstract  featuring a runner in his performance. Movement, speed and impulse to go ahead are the values I want to transmit with this painting dedicated to Carlos Sosa Henriquez a young Spanish Triathlete and his family, who live in Gran Canaria, European Sports Island. As co-founder of MoringaOn a superfoods company targeted to sport people, movements for me is something essential! Painting is one of my passion and my aim is to bring the Art in Movement, with horses and with athletes, like in this case ;).

Human beings are made to be in movement! Life is movement! Most of the people is spending the day sitted in front of a pc not moving and the body suffers from this situation need to run, to dance, and just simply to walk! So guys, try to find the way to move more during your day and do something creative. Enjoy life, enjoy movements!



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