Thelli Red Horses So Different


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Thelli Red Horses So Different

14 September 2015

Thelli’s Red Horses surprised the Spruce Meadows Masters visitors, with their strong personality.

Originally from Milan, Italy, and now based in Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria, the artist showed her acrylic paintings for the first time in the exclusive setting of Spruce Meadows, Calgary, where the international show jumping championship, CSI05*, takes place every year. Equi Fair, the trade fair dedicated to the world of horses, that hosts a gallery dedicated to equestrian art, took place at the same time as the tournament, from September 9th to 13th, 2015.

The personal style of Thelli received positive comments from the audience of Calgary that founds her work, “unique and different”, where the Spirit of Horses parade sensitively for eyes to view them.

Through the strength of contrast between red and grey and the immediacy of acrylic color, Thelli’s horses communicate their presence in the contemporary world, and the evolution of their relationship with human beings.

People comments on Thelli artworks:

“Great work! Love all the red and expressions!”
Star King –

“You and your work are both great! Thanks for sharing with the world!”
Mark King – Star King Gallery

“Lovely! Powerful!”
Kim Cox – Calgary Alberta

“I love your work, so unique!”
Haleigh Clements – Calgary Alberta

“Just beautiful”
Carol Bossom – Calgary Alberta

Other comments captured:
“Very different”
“Your work is beautiful”
“The Spirit of Horse”
“I like your work”
“I like your horses”

I would like to thank everybody for espressing their emotions :)!


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