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Thelli’s Red Horses


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Thelli’s Red Horses

Thelli’s Red Horses, a symbol of vitality and energy with a vaguely surrealist flavor, represent a journey of initiation that the horse undertakes in search of enlightenment, traveling through knowledge, passing between books, galloping on hanging bookcases, until it reaches the truth, so longed for and ultimately just within reach. Its journey brings us to today’s cities, ‘non-places’ from which one must escape in order to avoid entrapment in closed boxes that lead to self-alienation.

A metaphor for the esoteric journey of reawakening, the red horse becomes a messenger of freedom, the connection between the mundane and the otherworldly, spirituality that becomes matter in movement, the elegance and perfection of divine creation, and a manifestation of the sacred nature of passion.

Through the strength of contrast between red and grey and the immediacy of acrylic color, Thelli’s horses communicate their presence in the contemporary world, and the evolution of their relationship with human beings. No longer companions in war, nor a means of transport, but friends and athletes, therapists and spiritual teachers.

By detaching the horse from its rural background and context, the artist wishes to re-position it in the present, transforming it into a symbol of a new form of communication between human beings and the natural world, a source of wisdom and knowledge of the sacred geometry that permeates all creation.


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