Visiting Abu Dhabi Art Hub

Helenia Tedesco

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Visiting Abu Dhabi Art Hub

My stay in Abu Dhabi started with the visit to Abu Dhabi Art Hub. It’s an amazing gallery in the industrial area of Abu Dhabi.  The hub is more than a gallery is a community of artists; in fact, the aim of the founder, Mr Ahmed Al Yafei, was to give the artists “the tools to create art”, and that it is. The Art Hub is a 2,500-square-metre facility, complete with residential facilities, galleries and space for workshops.

LIVE, CREATE, EXHIBIT are the values of the Abu Dhabi Art Hub, that is the only one in the UAE and one of only 1,500 in the world.

Focused on emerging and established visual artists from across the world, Abu Dhabi Art Hub serves as a platform for interaction and cross-cultural artistic exchanges between national, regional and international artists.

A very interesting place if you want to know the art scene in Abu Dhabi 🙂


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